Customer is King

Product reviews are a major reason why consumers love Amazon.

  • International Marketplaces

    This Amazon customer based perfectly integrated seller central account software allows you to respond automatically to eight different countries utilizing the same seller central account platform. It perfectly integrates currently with your Amazon.COM, Amazon.CA, Amazon.MX, Amazon.UK, Amazon.DE, Amazon.IT, Amazon.FR, and Amazon.ES. This one feature alone makes it absolutely invaluable to communicate with and receive feedback from your international buyers.

  • 100% Amazon Compliant

    In the Amazon post in sensitized review era it is absolutely critical that we remain 100% compliant as far as Amazon's new review system is concerned. By utilizing our perfectly integrated software with your seller central account you can message customers confidently knowing you’re following Amazon's terms of service (TOS).

  • Increase Seller Feedback

    By utilizing this unique Amazon seller auto responder system you will greatly increase the feedback you will receive from your customers through the messages section within your seller central account. This feedback will include everything from challenges and complaints with your product to packaging and Amazon delivery. It is through the increased seller feedback that you will greatly benefit from this software. Your customers can teach you more about your product in 30 days than you can learn on your own and five years.

  • Delivery Filters

    The timeframe that you wish to deliver your messages to your customers vary depending on the particular product that you are launching. We typically send out four communications per buyer spread out over a 14 day period. The first communication goes out upon confirmation that a sale has been made. We can customize the delivery filters on this most unique software to accommodate any product currently on Amazon and the filters work on the international marketplaces as well.

  • View Positive and Negative Feedback

    One very unique aspect of this auto responding software is the ability to receive notifications of not only positive feedback but negative feedback as well. Our customer service team handles between 500-1,000 messages per day. After your product is launched customer service is roughly 80% of the success or failure of your business. Our customer service team is second to none, absolutely top of the line. Our customer service team responds to our buyers inquiries twice a day seven days a week.

  • Generate Instant Product Reviews

    By utilizing our 100% Amazon compliant automated response system you will generate product reviews very quickly. Your customers/buyers will be prompted to review your products and generate organic reviews which are 100% Amazon compliant. We have generated well over 50,000 reviews utilizing this exact system.

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