About Us

Here at page 1 Amazon we are experts at Amazon listing optimization and ranking. We have ranked over 128 products on page 1
of Amazon in under 45 days. We have been ranking pages on Amazon for over eight years now and have absolutely mastered the
art of massaging the A9 algorithm.

  • John Everett CEO

    John Everett has been optimizing listing on Amazon since 2008. He has handled the rankings on some of the most successful private label brands on Amazon. In the last two years he has made this service available to the general public of private label sellers on Amazon. John's rankings have generated over $25 million in sales on Amazon for his clients and partners. By utilizing the most cutting-edge software John is an absolute expert at keyword research and legally spying on the competition. John is currently 128-0 on product ranking page 1 on Amazon." Here at page 1 we are so confident in our ability to rank your product/listing on page 1 of Amazon we offer a 100% 60 day money back guarantee"

  • Ernie Domanico Logistics Analyst

    Have you ever ordered a product on Amazon and when that box with the smile arrives you wonder how it got to you so fast? Ernie is a supply chain analyst expert who thrives on complex problems and relishes the challenge of analyzing complex system performance. He is the leading member of this team that automates and optimizes inventory and shipments for our customers under the uncertainty of demand, pricing and supply.Ernie has proven time and time again his ability to handle multiple competing priorities and projects in a fast paced environment, not to mention, he keeps the rest of our team grounded and focused.

  • John Kelley Lead Technician

    John is the real wizard behind the curtain on our page 1 team of experts. John is the one that generates the Hollywood studio type over the top engaging images that jump off your Amazon listing page. They say a picture is worth 1000 words? On Amazon it is worth $10,000. John also heads up the video editing department for all promotional videos for our clients that include product reviews and box opening reviews. John also heads up the highly technical VIP card HTML opt in and integration department. This is the most valuable resource we utilize when launching a ranking your product on page 1 of Amazon. A family man and father of five when John is not ranking customers and clients on page 1 of Amazon he enjoys time with his family at soccer, baseball games and volleyball.

  • Rheon Biegel Executive Admin & Customer Service Supervisor

    Rheon Biegel has been with page 1 Amazon since the inception. She started out as a customer service representative and quickly moved to a supervisory position as she showed and utilized her excellent customer service qualities and was promoted very quickly. She now completely runs the customer service department for our entire company. After your product is launched and ranked roughly 70% to 80% of your success is based on customer service. Rheon makes sure that every single client/partners inbound customer service requests are answered two times per day seven days a week 365 days a year. Rheon’s main role with page 1 is the executive administrator over all the seller central accounts. This is an enormous responsibility. She is the one that checks every single listing every single day to make sure it is active, not suppressed, blocked or have been hacked. She is an absolute expert at dealing with hackers on Amazon. She is a happily married mother of five and spreads her timeout away from work on family hikes, baseball and gymnastics.

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